The Mission

Breaking the norms of anime apparel and empowering women to confidently express their fandom.

  • Focus on Fit

    Our clothes are selected for women of all shapes and sizes. When designing our clothing, we consider everything –– the feel, the cut, and the color so that you look and feel great in it.

  • Understated Style

    Our anime-inspired prints and casual-meets-modern styles are designed so you can subtly rep your anime fandom in your everyday outfits.

  • Niche Library

    We’ve seen enough Naruto and Bleach merch out there –– we aren’t for them. We’re for the ones who know the hidden gems, the anime that you’re trying to get your Dragon Ball Z-obsessed friend to watch.


In 2022, Emily Kahn looked around and found the same tired oversized, loud print, unisex anime apparel –– so she took matters into her own hands and founded Chaku, an anime clothing brand made specifically for women.

Aside from fits that actually fit, our designs aren’t in your face. Emily wanted to give people the freedom to rep their fandom without being forced to make a statement.

As an avid fan of anime and manga, Emily wanted to create a brand where other women anime lovers could find comfortable, sleek, anime-inspired clothing that they could wear in their everyday lives – not just to bed or the gym.