About Chaku

Where passion meets fashion

The Mission

Our goal is to empower women to confidently express their anime fandom – in style.

  • Focus on Fit

    Our garments are specifically selected for female figures of all shapes and sizes. When
    it comes to our clothing, we're looking at it all - the feel, the cut, and the color so that you can feel great when you put it on.

  • Understated Style

    Our anime-inspired prints and casual-meets-modern styles are
    designed so you can subtly rep your anime fandom in your everyday outfits.

  • Niche Library

    We design for a wide range of anime because we know your favorite may not always be the most widely-known. Whether you're looking for the latest hit or a secret treasure, stay up-to-date with our quickly growing catalogue.


In 2022, after getting tired of seeing the same old oversized, loud print, unisex anime apparel, Emily Kahn decided to take matters into her own hands by kickstarting Chaku – an anime clothing brand made specifically for women.

An avid fan of anime and manga, Emily wanted to create a brand where other female anime lovers could find comfortable, sleek, anime-inspired clothing that they could wear in their everyday lives – not just to bed or the gym.

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